People have been boxing since the dawn of time in one way or another. Though kickboxing has evolved over centuries, it’s always been a form of self-defense. With the Roman Empire rose the sport of boxing as a form of entertainment as well. Today, it’s used for multiple reasons, including fitness. At Street Jitsu Justin, our boxing classes will help you master MMA techniques for health and competition.
You’ll attain more than just your fitness goals when you sign up for boxing and MMA classes. Replace your time at the gym with a sport that involves cardio and strength building for your entire body. Further, many people who engage in MMA training gain confidence once they start mastering a few moves.
You can improve how you feel about yourself and your abilities by practicing both the physical and mental parts of boxing. At Street Jitsu Justin, we’ll show you strategies to keep you one step ahead of your opponent. A major technique in any type of boxing is learning to think like a chess player while being physically active.

At Street Jitsu Justin, adults and children are welcome to our boxing gym. Kids benefit greatly from physical activity. Boxing classes can help develop their motor skills and spatial awareness. This training may help your child focus and learn to take responsibility for their body too. Our classes are designed to be fun and nonviolent. Students work with our trained coaches and practice in a controlled environment with bags and other equipment. 

Many different MMA styles exist, and you can cultivate yours at our boxing gym. If you want to develop Jiu Jitsu or Muay Thai techniques, we can help you with that too. Master boxing stances and punches when you practice with us. Sign up for a class today when you stop into one of our gyms. Contact us today for more information.