Muay Thai

Known as “the art of eight limbs,” Muay Thai is an easy-to-learn combat sport that involves punches and kicking as well as elbow and knee strikes. Originating in Thailand, the style was developed by the Thai army and became the country’s national sport once rules and regulations were added in the 19th century. It involves eight points of contact and is known as the best stand-up striking art.



At Street Jitsu Justin, our professional trainers will teach you attack, defense, and counterattack techniques you can use in and out of the ring. Literally translated to “Thai boxing,” Muay Thai is a great way to build self-defense techniques. In addition to traditional, Western boxing moves, Muay Thai also involves some ground fighting. You’ll master clinching and “the teep” with the help of our coaches. 

Muay Thai classes are accessible for all ages. You and your kids can gain the benefits of this wonderful self-defense practice and improve your confidence together. It’s a fun way to build motor skills, muscles, endurance, and awareness. Gain physical and mental strength with Muay Thai training at Street Jitsu Justin. Sign up to work with one of our professional coaches when you contact us today.

Practicing Muay Thai is good for more than your physical health. The endorphins released during training can help you manage stress and lower your blood pressure. You’ll build mental toughness at our Muay Thai gym by challenging the limits of your physical and conscious self.

Training with a Muay Thai coach can replace your regular gym routine. Boxing is both a cardio and strength exercise that you can enjoy all at once. Plus, it’s fun to engage with others and collaborate to uncover ways to defend yourself. This practice may widen your social circle and give you a new hobby that you never thought you’d enjoy. Schedule a session today.